Amatsu and its Benefits - Hampshire Amatsu Therapy

Welcome to Hampshire Amatsu Therapy based in Rake, Hampshire on the borders of Surrey and West Sussex

A soft tissue therapy that restores balance (biotensegrity) to the body using natural body movement (taijutsu) to correct anatomical dysfunction. Using a fusion of Eastern philosophy and Western core science researched by Dennis Bartram from the teachings of Dr Masaaki Hatsumi and underpinned with the biotensegrity principles of Stephen Levin M.D.

Jane Mitchell - Hampshire Amatsu Therapy

Amatsu is a highly effective, ancient Japanese soft tissue therapy that realigns the body to improve the efficiency of your muscles, physical structure and your body’s functional organs and immune system.

Amatsu treats the body as a whole, promoting balance, integrated movement and overall health. Your body has an amazing ability to regain its own health and Amatsu supports and encourages that process. An Amatsu balance, on a regular basis, may help you to prevent the everyday stresses of life from building up within your body causing ill health and injury.

We always aim to deliver real value for money for our clients because we treat the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

Injuries and pains that Amatsu Therapy Hampshire may help
  • Help to bring your body's healing system into play
  • Improve stability and flexibility of the skeletal system
  • Reduce back pain
  • Help with neck and shoulder complaints
  • Aid recovery from sports injuries
  • Improve range of joint movement and reduce joint pain
  • Help relieve pregnancy aches and pains
  • Release tight, knotted muscles
  • Improve circulation to muscles and other soft tissues
  • Improved energy levels
  • Help relieve digestive problems
  • Reduce stress levels